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Quick Facts
Name: Lake Skadar
Location: Montegero, Albania
Elevation: 5 m above sea level
Depth: Average depth is 5 - 9 m.
Shore length: 168 km (110.5 km in Montenegro and 57.5 km in Albania)
Basin surface: 5,490 km2 (80% in Montenegro, and 20% in Albania)
Lake surface: Summer water level 370 km2 
Winter water level 540 km2
Average water level - 475 km2
Temperature: Absolute max. temperature:
40,6 ° C
Absolute min. temperature:
-10 °C
Average annual temperature:
14 ° to 15 ° C
Joint Database Project

The Governments of Montenegro and Albania have received a grant from the Global Environment Facility, to finance the Lake Skadar/Shkoder Integrated Ecosystem Management Project. The Montenegrin Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MTE) and the Albanian Ministry of Environment, Forests and Water Administration (MEFWA), in coordination with partners in sectoral Ministries, local governments, and universities etc, have the overall responsibility for the project implementation.

The global project development objective is to maintain and enhance the long-term value and environmental services of Lake Skadar-Shkoder and its natural resources. The Project Development Objective is to help establish and strengthen institutional mechanisms for transboundary cooperation through joint efforts to improve sustainable management of Lake Skadar-Shkoder. In the frame of LSIEMP quite a lot of activities concerning transboundary and national capacity building, public awareness, tourism enhancement, fisheries and investments to improve water quality are under implementation.

Being geographically positioned in Albania and Montenegro, regardless the size of extension in each country, the Shkodra/Skadar Lake management and protection should be consequential in both countries and coordinated between them.

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