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Main contaminants

Main contaminants concentrations

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Main contaminants sources

There exist several sources of pollution in Shkoder Basin. Most pollutants are coming from Podgorica. On the Albanian side the most pollution is coming from Shkodra City with its solid waste and wastewater. The main sources of pollution are: 

1. The aluminum plant Podgorica, 
2. Steelworks in Niksic, 
3. Wastewater from the city and town in the basin of lake,
4. Mineralwaste oils in Zeta Plain, 
5. Agriculture in Zeta Plain, 
6. Others.



Trend in basic parameters

Most basic parameters of the lake water quality have remained more or less the same since the 1980s, but e.g. nitrates and oxygen have deteriorated. The increase in nitrates and reduction in oxygen, in particular near the Moraca Delta and the Zeta Plain on the Montenegrin side, may indicate an increase in organic pollution (e.g. by urban wastewater). Eutrophication is not (yet) an issue as a result of the high 'turn-over rate' of the lake water, but stagnant corners near the Moraca Delta and Zeta Plain are at risk.



Trend in heavy metals

The analysis of metals in the water of the Morača River, Crnojevića River and in the Skadar/Shkodra Lake in 1981 (and the years before) showed minimum concentrations of Na, K, Cu, Zn, Cr, Pb, Mn, Co, As, Hg, CN and Fe. The comparison between their concentrations upstream of the rivers and at the lake showed little difference, except for some insignificant increased concentrations of Na and Fe at a specific site in the Morača River. This implies that the lake water at that time was hardly polluted by the existing industries within the lake basin.

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