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Climatic Data

Climatic data

Sub – Mediterranean with mild rainy winters (monthly average water temperature in January is 7.3°C). Summers are hot and dry with maximum air temperature above 40°C and water temperature above 27°C. Average air temperature is 14.9 °C. Skadar/Shkodra Lake belongs to the groups of sub-tropical lakes with fairly high summer temperatures around 30°C and favourable winter temperatures always above 0°C.,/p>

Climate characteristics


Absolute max. temperature : 40,6° C
Absolute min. temperature : -10°C
Average annual temperature : 14° to 15° C
Number of tropical days ( 30°C): 50 to 80
Number of sunny days during a year : 124,8
Annual isolation :
Relative air humidity: 2.500 - 2.600 h
January and November : to 80 %
Average Rainfall days : to 64 %
Maximum rainfall : 814.0 mm
Average rainfalls : 2100,0 mm
Thunder : 50 days


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