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Get started

Before you start exploring your newly created Plone site, please do the following:

  • Make sure you are logged in as an admin/manager user. (You should have a Site Setup entry in the menu in the top right corner)
  • Set up your mail server(Plone needs a valid SMTP server to verify users and send out password reminders)
  • Decide what security level you want on your site(Allow self registration, password policies, etc)

  • Find out What's new in Plone.
  • Read the documentation, especially the Documentation for content editors and Server setup recommendations.
  • Explore the available add-ons for Plone.
  • Read and/or subscribe to the support forums.
  • Make it your own

    Plone has a lot of different settings that can be used to make it do what you want it to. Some examples:

  • Try out a different theme, either pick from the included ones, or one of the available themes from sure the theme is compatible with the version of Plone you are currently using)
  • Decide what kind of workflow you want in your site. (The default is a website-centric workflow, if you want to use Plone as a closed intranet, you should adjust your workflow settings accordingly)
  • By default, Plone uses a visual editor for content. (If you prefer text-based syntax and/or wiki syntax, you can change this in the markup control panel)
  • …and many more settings are available in the Site Setup.
  • Find out more about our architecture

  • The Plone open source Content Management System web site.
  • The Zope application server web site.
  • -----------------

    To configure all PLONE settings and add users, etc: SITE SETUP Page



    To Change CSS/ changes COLORS, FONTS, PADDING, etc:


    ZMI: to see all files behind the scenes




    To change footer:

    To add a property:

    Security Admin:


    Use email/username to login::


  • Ssecurity levels
  • Set up your mail server
  • documentation, especially the Documentation for content editors and Server setup recommendations.
  • available add-ons for Plone / subscribe to the support forums.

    Site Setup.

    (Example) UNEP IW:LEARN Launches Website Toolkit

    The aim of the Toolkit is to help GEF IW projects create standard-based, content rich and easily managable websites.

    (Example) UNEP IW:LEARN Launches Website Toolkit - Read More…

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