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Trends of change in land use

Land use

On the Montenegro side of the lake basin, the proportion of land use is: 40% arable, 10% pasture and the rest 50% (including inaccessible mountains and marsh lands).
The Skadar Lake National Park (Montenegro) is about 40,000 ha, of which the area of open water and floating vegetation occupies 25,400 ha (at average water level). The border land and marsh occupy about 14,600 ha. Land use on the Albanian side of the basin, which lies within the Shkodër prefecture. The main land uses include park land and protected areas, forest, pastures, irrigated land, scattered small industries, fish farming and coastal tourism.

Land use/activities in the Shkoder Lake Basin
Albanian side Montenegrin side
Agriculture (dry and irrigated) Agriculture
Fishing Commercial fishing
Aquaculture Industry
Forestry Non-urbanized settlements
Cutting/collection of firewood Sand/gravel extraction
Grazing Hunting
Livestock farming Tourism
Tourism Recreational/sport fishing
Recreation Research
Religious/cultural site
Bird watching
Education site

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